Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fresh Push for Soubre Dam (Sinohydro/Ivory Coast)

Africa Intelligence N° 638, 10/27/2010

Fresh Push for Soubre Dam

Campaigning for re-election in Lower Sassandra province in south-west
Ivory Coast, president Laurent Gbago has ordered mines and energy
minister Augustin Komoe to speed up launching construction work on the
274 MW hydro power dam at Soubre. The Societe des Operations de
l'Electricite (SOPIE), which has give its green light to a feasibility
study conducted in 2005 by France's Coyne et Bellier, has sent the brief
along to the finance ministry. Ivory Coast is due to finance around 30%
of the dam out of its own pocket. The global cost of the dam and
adjoining power station has been estimated at CFA 300 billion, or EUR
458 million.

China's Sinohydro group was chosen on April 28, 2009 to build Soubre.
According to Africa Energy Intelligence sources in the Ivory Coast
finance ministry, a delegation of officials from the country will
shortly travel to China to finalize talks on financing the dam. Beijing
is awaiting proposals concerning Ivory Coast's share of the funding

Ivory Coast already boasts six hydro power dams: Ayame 1 and 2 (50 MW),
Kossou (174 MW), Taabo (210 MW), Buyo (165 MW) and Grah (5 MW).

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