Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New NGO report on sustainability of Chinese commercials banks

Announcement: Green Watershed's new report on sustainability of Chinese
commercials banks

The BankTrack network and Friends of the Earth have just completed the
English translation of a report about the sustainability policies and
practices of Chinese commercial banks, which was released by Green
Watershed, a Chinese environmental NGO, in April this year.
"Environmental Record of Chinese Banks 2010" benchmarks 14 Chinese
commercial banks, including ICBC, China Construction Bank and Bank of
China, which are currently some of the biggest banks in the world. The
report assesses each bank based on indicators such as its environmental
policies, implementation measures, lending reductions to
energy-intensive and polluting sectors, lending to environmentally
friendly projects, information disclosure and receptivity to public
criticism. Noting that Chinese financiers are expanding their
portfolios abroad, the study also looked at the banks' transparency
about their overseas lending. The authors used data from the banks'
2009 CSR reports, publicly-available bank policies, questionnaires sent
to the banks, and media coverage.

Check it out to learn how major Chinese financiers are (or aren't)
integrating green finance into their lending. The report is available

This is the second sustainability study of Chinese commercial banks that
Green Watershed and its Chinese NGO partners have completed. The first
examines the banks' progress towards sustainability in 2008, while the
second provides updates and comparison to the previous year. Both
reports are available in the Chinese-language section of the BankTrack
website, and on Green Watershed's China Green Bank Watch website.

Ms. Adina Matisoff
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