Thursday, December 16, 2010

Alstom to supply equipment to Guanyinyan hydroelectric dam in China

Alstom to supply equipment to Guanyinyan hydroelectric dam in China

Paris, December 16, 2010 — Alstom has won a contract worth about $92.6 million for the supply of equipment to a new hydroelectric dam in China.

The contract, awarded to Alstom by the Datang Guanyinyan Hydropower Development Co. Ltd, involves the supply of three 600 MW Francis turbine generator units to the new Guanyinyan hydropower station on the Jinsha River in Yunnan province. The first unit is due to enter commercial operation in 2014.

DaTang Guanyinyan Hydropower Development Co. Ltd is a member of the China Datang Corp., one of China's top five power generation groups.

This is Alstom's second contract with the company following the PengShui hydropower project in 2004, for which Alstom supplied five 350 MW Francis turbine generator units.

Hydropower accounts for 22 percent of China's electricity generation capacity and is expanding at a rate of 15 GW per year. Over 110 new hydro projects are currently in the planning stage, to be completed by 2020.

Key projects include Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest power plant, to which Alstom supplied 14 units of 700 MW each, XiaJiang (five 40 MW units), Li Yuan (four 600 MW units) and Xianjiaba (four 800 MW units). The 800 MW turbines designed, engineered and manufactured by Alstom for Xianjiaba are the world's largest hydro turbines ever manufactured to date.

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