Monday, May 9, 2011

Now, SJVNL’s Luhri project invites ire of green activists

Now, SJVNL's Luhri project invites ire of green activists
Indian Express
Mon May 09 2011, Shimla:

The multi-crore Renuka Dam project is on hold, and 800 MW Kol Dam is
also under the scanner of the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests.
Hul (4.5 M), a private sector project in Chamba, is witnessing daily
protests by locals seeking scrapping of all the clearances given to it.
It is now the turn of the World Bank-funded 775 MW Luhri project on the
Sutlej river to be caught in environmental tangles.

Locals, joined by NGOs and voluntary groups, are opposed to the project,
especially its 86-metre high dam and 38.14-km long (9 meter wide) twin
tunnel to draw the river to a distance of 40 km.

"The entire river will disappear because of this feature in the design,
which is highly environment unfriendly," alleges Guman Singh,
coordinator, Himalaya Neti Abhiyan, an umbrella organisation of a dozen
NGOs and environmental groups.

He said the Shukla Committee, which was set up by the High Court, had
also raised similar concerns with regard to Ravi river in Chamba. But
Sutlej would be worst affected, he said, looking at the number of mega
projects coming up in this basin.

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