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Leaked document says CPI "planning to restart" Myitsone dam project

Leaked document says CPI "planning to restart" Myitsone dam project
04 April 2012
Kachin News Group

The letter written by the chief in charge of the Tengchong-Myitkyina
Road Liaison Office is according to the Kachin Development Networking
Group (KDNG) solid proof refuting President Thein Sein's September 30,
2011 announcement that project was suspended.

"CPI never stopped this project and now they want to bring in even more
workers and materials" said KDNG spokesperson Ah Nan in a statement sent
by the group on Tuesday.

"If the Myitsone dam was really suspended, the government would not
allow any new workers to come in and all those remaining would be sent
back to China", Ah Nan added.

A recent article by the Chinese language edition of Bloomberg
BussinessWeek says that 200 Chinese workers remain at the dam site
months after Thein Sein's official statement that the project would be

Although President Thein Sein announced on September 30 that
construction of the Myitsone dam would be suspended during his term in
office, none of the more than 2,000 residents of the five villages that
were forcibly relocated to make way for the dam have received permission
to return.

Last month a large number of Burma army soldiers were sent to Tang Hpre
(also Tanghpre), one of the villages near the dam site, to enforce an
eviction order against residents who tried to reclaim their homes
following the official suspension of the project.

The planned 152-meter high Myitsone dam was to be the first in a series
of seven dams that CPI will build on the upper Irrawaddy which according
to the dam's opponents would flood an area larger than Singapore and
dramatically affect the lives of millions of people who live downstream,
including in the Irrawaddy delta, home to two thirds of Burma�s rice

To build the series of dams which according to Chinese state media will
produce a combined output of electricity that rivals the Three Gorges
dam, CPI partnered with Burma's state power utility Myanma Electric
Power Enterprise (MEPE) and Asia World. The latter is a Burmese
conglomerate, owned by Steven Law and his father Lo Hsing Han (or Law
Sit Han), both alleged by the US government to be major
narco-traffickers and money launders.

For more information including copy of the original letter see:
Kachin Development Networking Group

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