Monday, September 10, 2012

Important victory in Omkareshwar struggle!

Narmada Bachao Andolan Press note -10th September 2012

Important victory for the Jal Satyagrahis , Water level reduced to 189
meters in Ghoghalgaon!!
State government announces that all Omkareshwar affected will be given
land for land !!
A Contempt petition will be filed in the High court in connection to the
Indira Sagar Dam !!
Important victory for the JalSatyagrahis , Water level reduced to 189
meters in Ghoghalgaon!!

On the 17th day of the Jal Satyagrah at Ghogalgaon, the chief minister
made the announcement of reducing the water level to 189 meters in the
Omkareshwar dam and that land for land will be given to all the people
affected by Omkareshwar dam. It was announced that a 3 minister team has
been constituted to deal with the issues and problems of the Omkareshwar
Dam. With this announcement the water level of the dam was reduced to
189 meters. NArmada Bachao Andolan welcomes this decision. It is worth
mentioning that along with senior activist Chittaroopa Palit 50 Men and
women had been staging a Jal satyagrah by continuously standing in the
rising waters of the Dam. By the 17th day, many of them had rotting skin
and their health was deteriorating. But they determination was strong
and they continued standing in water even though many times the water
reached above their necks. The Satyagrahis were protesting against the
Open violation of the Supreme court by increasing water level of the Dam.

State government announces that all affected by Omkareshwar will be
given land for land !!

The state government also accepted that they will have to give land for
land to the displaced people/ Farmers of Omkareshwar Dam. This
announcement is a big victory for the Jal Satyagrahees standing in water
for the past 17 days. The Government also announced that their will be a
three minister Committee that will work towards resolving the problems
and issues related to the Omkareshwar dam in a satisfactory manner .
This Committee will comprise of Industries minister Kailash
Vijayvargiya, The tribal and scheduled caste Minister Vijay Shah and
Narmada valley development Minister Kanhaiya Lal Aggarwal.

A Contempt petition will be filed in the High court in connection to the
Indra Sagar Dam.
Jal Satyagrah continues Khardana and Badkhaliya.

At the same time The Jal Satyagraha continues in Khardana and
Badkhaliya. The NBA has decided that they will immediately file a
contempt petition against the Governments decision to increase of the
water level to 260 meters. It is to be mentioned that according to the
orders of the High court and the supreme court , the water level can
not be raised above 260 meters.

The Voice of the Jal Sataygrahis has reached the whole country and there
has been widespread support for the Satyagrahis. The Media too played
its role in showing the world the inhuman atrocity being faced by the
Displaced people. All this forced the State government to take a
division in favor of the displaced people . Narmada Bachao Andolan is
grateful to all its supporters and the media. This victory would not
have been possible without their support. The Narmada Bachao Andolan has
pledged that The Satayagrah site will be converted into a Land Rights
Site. And there it will be ensured that all displaced will get land for
land and all other benefits of rehabilitation.

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