Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Three Gorges Corporation responds to occupation of Murum Dam, Malaysia

[Unofficial translation of title and text from original Chinese provided
by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre. The original Chinese
statement follows the English statement, for reference. See
for more information about this conflict.]

5 November, 2012
Response to reports about the blockage of road to Murum Dam Project in
Malaysia by migrants

Three Gorges Development (Malaysia) Limited is a subsidiary of China
Three Gorges Corporation, which is responsible for the contracting
business of overseas project.

We had obtained the Murum Dam Project in Malaysia from a public tender
of Sarawak Energy Company. As a contractor, we are only responsible for
the design and construction of the project, and the procurement of
equipment, not for the resettlement work.

Since the construction started in October 2008, the project has been
running smoothly. The progress of the project, quality, environmental
protection and safety are in line with the requirements of the contract,
and have won praise from different parties.

The road blockage by migrants, which began on 26 September 2012, had
seriously affected the personnel at the construction site, and had
caused work to stop.

The migrants evacuated from the site on 1 November 2012, various tasks
have now resumed and work is back to normal.



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