Sunday, April 24, 2011

Africa's Energy sector gets a BRICS boost

Energy sector gets a BRICS boost
Chinese to send high-level delegation to explore opportunities in
Africa�s energy sector
Business Day (South Africa), 2011/04/23 03:52:57 PM

A high-level Chinese delegation led by Secretary General of the China
Electricity Council (CEC), Wang Zhixuan is to travel to South Africa in
June to "explore opportunities" in the sector.

That�s after President Jacob Zuma �s visit in April to China, where he
attended a BRICS, or Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa Leaders�

China Development Bank has also recently announced its to channel
$1,5-billion to China�s BRICS partners to fund infrastructure projects.

CEC will lead a group of top Chinese power companies to participate at
Energex Africa expo in June.

The delegation is expected to include specialists in power generation,
transmission and distribution and the fields include conventional
thermal and hydro power generation, to renewable energy such as wind and
solar power.

Chinese expertise lies in coal-fired power stations, and the country has
targeted new power generation methods such as solar and hydro-electric
schemes for growth.

Irrigation experts such as HydroChina Kunming Engineering Corporation
will join the delegation and plans to explore engineering, procurement,
construction, project management and inspection of hydropower,
irrigation, wind and solar power projects.

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