Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Uzbekistan Dam breaks would be "tsunami for central Asia"

Rogun Hydropower Plant dam break will lead to flooding of Uzbekistan
April 1, 2011
Sergei Zhigarev, Director of Uzbekistan's Gidroproyekt, believes that
strong earthquakes similar to the one that hit Japan on 11 March may
destroy large hydropower constructions in Central Asia and inflict
damage comparable to that inflicted by a tsunami.

In his article titled "Rogun Project: Tsunami for Central Asia"
published in the Tuesday edition of the newspaper Pravda Vostoka,
Zhigarev addressed the possible implications of the breakage of the
Rogun Hydropower Plant, which Tajikistan is planning to build, TCA

"In the event of a serious earthquake such as the one that occurred in
Japan, a dam over 335 meters tall will experience a sharp increase in
tension caused by a shift in its foundation and tremendous water
pressure (over 300 meters). Clearly, the dam will not be able to
withstand such a combination of pressure and its destruction will
cause a real tsunami," the expert said.

If the Rogun Hydropower Plant dam breaks, the water wave will be at
least 100 meters high, the expert said.

"In the event this absolutely reckless dam project, the wave, which
will head down with the Vashsha current if the dam breaks, will reach
at least 100 meters above the Earth's surface and will be much more
destructive than the tsunami that has hit Japan," Zhigarev said.

The expert believes the dam break will cause a catastrophe in central
Asia, primarily Tajikistan, that has never been seen before. Experts
believe that, if this scenario eventuates, a tremendous amount of
water will move towards the Nurek Hydropower Plant at a speed of 130
meters per second.

The Nurek dam will be fully destroyed and the city of Nurek will be
hit by a 280 meter tall wave. The other hydropower plants of the
Vashkh cascade will be destroyed in the same manner and the cities of
Sarban, Kurgantube, and almost all Rumii will be flooded.

"These cities will be the first to be hit by the wave, which will then
flood dozens of other cities and populated areas in Tajikistan,
Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan," the expert said.

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