Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Congo's Energy Divide: new fact sheet

International Rivers has just published a new fact sheet entitled:
"Congo's Energy Divide: Hydropower For Mines and Export, Not the
Poor." The full fact sheet can be downloaded or read online here: http://www.internationalrivers.org/node/6401

Here is a short summary:
The Democratic Republic of Congo is rebuilding its power grid as part
of the war-torn country's reconstruction. Originally built to power
copper mines, the grid reaches just 6% of the nation's people and
bypasses some of its biggest cities. Rather than improve its citizens'
access to electricity, the government plans to provide electricity
from the rehabilitated power grid and new dam projects for mining and
exports to South Africa and other countries. The rehabilitation's slow
pace, ballooning costs and emphasis on energy exports raise serious
concerns that it will only perpetuate Congo's great energy divide.

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