Thursday, January 19, 2012

Announcement: is back!

Announcement from the Bretton Woods Project:
is back!

With World Bank President Robert Zoellick's term up this year and
rumours circulating that he plans to step down from the post, the
website has been redesigned and relaunched. The
blog is dedicated to tracking the selection of the next World Bank
President and serves as a space for debate over the Bank's anachronistic
and unfair selection process and how the Bank should be reformed.

With new members in the blogging team and masses of energy, will continue to provide the most active forum
for democratic debate about this deeply undemocratic institution, feed
journalists tips for stories, inspire activists to ramp up their
challenges, and embolden more officials to speak out.

Everyone is welcome to get in touch with the site editor on
Also don't hesitate to get involved at

Recent posts include:

Clinton fights back?

Larry Summers? You have to be joking.

WB Presidential selection – what happens next?

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