Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Grand Inga article in new World Rivers Review

In November, the South African and DR Congo governments signed an
agreement to develop the Grand Inga Dam on the Congo River. But the
project's outsized price tag (estimated at $80bn) presents a huge
roadblock. In February, the $5.2 bn Inga III Dam, also proposed for
the Congo, lost its main sponsor in part over project costs; it is now
in limbo. The March 2012 issue of World Rivers Review excerpts a
chapter by Kate Showers, from the book Engineering Earth, which raises
concerns about Grand Inga�s environmental impacts, and the potential
consequences of its grand scale.

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Also in this issue:
-An industry effort to greenwash dams is flowing at the World Water
-Profile of a group that brings clean energy and water to remote parts
of Ethiopia
- The Year in Review: A look back at the high- and low-lights for
rivers in 2011.

And more!!
Download the entire issue can be downloaded here: http://www.internationalrivers.org/en/node/7209)

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