Saturday, March 31, 2012

Letter to the editor - (TNC) Group is not involved in (Myitsone) dam issue

Letter to the editor - (TNC) Group is not involved in (Myitsone) dam
issue, published in the South China Morning Post


I read with interest the article ("China Power (SEHK:2380) offers to buy
out Kachin loggers", March 29). I am glad you reported on this important

Dr Long Yongcheng, as wonderful a primatologist and person as he is, was
not authorised to speak for The Nature Conservancy or to engage with
China Power Investment (CPI) or others on the Myitsone dam issue.

His opinions are his own and do not represent the views of The Nature

Like many other parties, The Nature Conservancy is deeply concerned
about the potential social and environmental impacts related to the
construction of the Myitsone dam.

We have previously engaged with dam builders and operators to mitigate
the impacts of dams on the environment, but we have not done so in this

We have no evidence or analysis to support completion of the Myitsone
Dam, contrary to the impression left by your article.

In fact, The Nature Conservancy is not presently working in Myanmar, and
we have not been involved with the Myitsone dam issue.

In addition to river health issues, we are also interested in forest
health (as highlighted in your article), because people and nature, in
Asia and elsewhere, depend on these resources to survive.

We would in future like to be a part of a scientific effort to work with
local people in Kachin state and other interested parties to conserve
the precious forests that support the people of Myanmar and the natural
resources on which they depend.

The Nature Conservancy does not make public proclamations without
sufficient scientific evidence; regrettably, Dr Long has done so in this

We completely disavow his remarks.

Charles Bedford, Asia Pacific Regional Managing Director, The Nature

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