Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Share your Day of Action for Rivers events!

Dear Friends,

It's little more than a week away until the 15th International Day of
Action for Rivers. Thank you to all who have let me know about your
planned actions.

I want to remind all those planning and participating in events that we
would love to see photos afterwards.

Here are additional photo-taking opportunities:

- This year's Day of Action for River theme is, "Keep Our Rivers Free!"
This means keep our rivers free-flowing, pollution-free, free from
corporate control, and free for people to use! You can take a photo next
to your river with a sign reading, "Keep Free!"

- On March 14th, at the Alternative World Water Forum in Marseille,
France, there will be an anti-greenwashing action. Be part of this
messaging by taking a photo next to your river, or next to a dam in your
area, with signs that read, "Dams Aren't Clean Energy!" or "No
Greenwashing Dams!"

You can send photos directly to dayofaction@internationalrivers.org.

Also, if you have planned an action, you can make a Facebook event for
it, and link to www.facebook.com/DayofActionforRivers.

Check out the many planned actions!

I look forward to talking to many of you in the next weeks!

For free rivers,


Take Action for Rivers on March 14!

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