Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ethiopia Completing Gilgel Gibe III Transmission Lines

EPPCo. Completing Gilgel Gibe III Transmission Lines
By Meraf Leykun, Monday, 04 March 2013

The state utility company, Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation will
complete erection of the 400kv high-voltage electric transmission line
which will connect the the Gilgel Gibe III hydro power plant with the
national grid in the coming month.

The project is jointly financed by the Ethiopian Government and the
Chinese Export-Import Bank. Construction of the Gilgel Gibe III
hydro-power station was started in 2006 with installed capacity of 1,870
MW energy.

The construction of the transmission lines is being carried out in two
lots. Lot one is for the construction of a 293 Km long transmission line
from Wolayta Sodo to Sebeta. The second lot, a 50 Km and 51 Km double
circuit line from Gilgel Gibe III station to Wolayta Sodo distribution

A Chinese based company is contracted for the construction of the
project. Another company from China, Shanghai Electric Group is also
contracted for the installation of the distribution stations.

According to Meseker Negash, Corporate Communications Head of EPPCo.,
about 89 per cent of the construction has been completed and the project
will be completed within a month time and the construction is going
according to its schedule.

The transmission lines will go operational after the Gilgel Gibe III
station starts generating power. The Gilgel Gibe III have 10 units with
a generating capacity of 187 Mw of energy by each unit. The corporation
is expecting to complete the construction of one of the units in about 7
months time.

Source: Fortune

[Note that the transmission line in question links the Gibe III Project
to the Ethiopian grid. The World Bank and AfDB are financing a separate
transmission line from the Ethiopian grid to Kenya.]

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