Thursday, March 7, 2013

Member of the National Committee of CPPCC Urges Hydro Development on the Nu River

[Below is a translation of a Yunnan Daily article regarding the four
dams on the Nu River in Yunnan Province, and the status of feasibility
studies, hydropower plans, and a Nu River strategic environmental

Member of the National Committee of CPPCC Urges Hydro Development on the
Nu River
4 March 2013
Yunnan Info Daily

Weixiang Feng, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese
People's Political Consultative Conference, submit a proposal to suggest
that governmental departments ratify as soon as possible the
"Hydropower Planning Report on the Middle and Lower Nu River," and
launch the Nu River hydropower development.

Weixiang Feng said, the revision work of the three documents:
"Comprehensive Planning Report of the Nu Region," "Hydropower Planning
Report on the Middle and Lower Nu River," and the "Assessment Report on
Environmental Impact of Hydropower Development on Middle and Lower Nu"
are basically completed. The survey and design process of the
pre-feasibility study stage of three hydropower stations, Liuku, Saige
and Yabiluo, have also reached an end. Maji hydropower station is
carrying survey and design work in the pre-feasibility study period, and
the government is further deepening the pre-feasibility studies of Nu
hydropower development. China has recently issued "12th Five-Year Plan
for energy development," "12th Five-Year Plan for renewable energy
development," and "12th Five-Year Plan for hydropower development,"
which confirm the launch of Nu River development during the 12th Five
Year Plan period. In the meantime, "Yi Ku Si Ji" project (build 4-levels
hydro station in one reservoir) will be a key project in the period.

The hydropower resource on the Nu River, with its large runoffs,
excellent geological conditions, fewer immigrants, smaller flooded area
and low cost, is the only and the most suitable resource in the region.
It is rich in water resources; meanwhile its cyclic utilization,
economic benefits and environmental benefits should all be taken into
account. In addition to power generation, flood control and other direct
benefits, it can also improve the conditions of transportation and other
infrastructure, promote tourism and other related industries, promote
rural labor transfer from primary industry to secondary and tertiary
industries, gradually eliminate the backward, inefficient farming
methods which destroy the ecological environment, and provide necessary
investment to ensure ecological and environmental protection and
restoration, therefore leading the Nu River Basin into a stage of
scientific development, harmonious development, and leap-forward

(Translated by Guo Xin)

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