Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sinohydro sub-contract for Gibe III Project

Sinohydro sub-contract for Gibe III Project

(The following text is an unofficial translation of the Chinese announcement. For more information on the Gibe III Dam, which may well be the most destructive ongoing dam project in Africa, see International Rivers)

The Eighth Branch of Sinohydro Won 307.1 million yuan Ethiopian hydropower Gibe3 hydropower penstock and manufacture and installation of metal structures and equipment items  2011-01-11 Source: Stock News Center  Recently, the 8th Branch of Sinohydro won the first bid in the New Year, the company's manufacture and installation of mechanical and electrical branches of international cooperation with Dongfang Electric Group, Africa Ethiopia Gibe signed a 3 station pressure pipe manufacture, hydraulic gate metal structures and equipment manufacturing, steel and metal stress structure equipment and hoist equipment installation contract. The total contract amount of 307.1 million yuan.  Ethiopia, Gibe3 hydropower station is located near the city of southwest Sodo, about 450 km from the capital Addis Ababa. Gibe3 is the OMO river cascade development in the first three power plants, power plants install 10 187 MW Francis turbine unit.  The project plan November 1, 2010 start plant a concrete pouring, September 1, 2011, 1 tail pipe started to install, May 1, 2013 under the gate began to water, September 15, 2013 with commissioning the first unit filled with water conditions, July 15, 2014 all 10 units to complete installation.  Gibe3 Hydropower metal structures and equipment, including diversion and power generation systems, discharge systems and hoist metal structure, with a total weight of 6426.5 tons. Gibb diversion penstock 3 hole five machines for a layout, there is arranged a total of 2 water pressure pipe, pressure pipe total weight of 8585 tons.  With 3 Power Station penstock Ethiopia Gibemanufacturing, equipment manufacturing hydraulic metal gate structure, penstock and headstock with metal structures and equipment installation contracts signed, hydropower station eight innings has assumed the task of all mechanical and electrical equipment installation and all metal structures and equipment and pressure pipe manufacturing installation tasks.  Station Owner for the Ethiopian National Power Company EEPCo (owners), civil construction company contracted by the Italian SALINI, Sichuan Dongfang Electric Group, electrical and mechanical equipment for the project of international cooperation in general contracting, Chengdu Hydroelectric Investigation and Design Institute Advisory Group is responsible for power metal structures and equipment, penstock and the design of mechanical and electrical equipment factory.  

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