Thursday, January 20, 2011

West Africa's First Solar Panel Production Facility

West Africa's First Solar Panel Production Facility

by Energy Matters

Senegalese solar power company SPEC is establishing the first solar
panel production line in West Africa, with the support of overseas
technology partners.

Africa is a sun-drenched continent with a massive number of people who
do not have access to mains grid electricity. The situation offers a
home-grown solar industry an excellent opportunity to provide clean,
renewable energy and generate green jobs for the region.

SPEC, supported by Swiss company 3S Modultec, will be installing West
Africa's first integrated solar module production line in the next
couple of weeks, with view to producing solar panels by June of this

The panels will be certified by the German agency T�V Rhineland and
distributed in local markets.

The 15MW solar panel production line can be expanded to 25 MW and has
been matched to local requirements, combining automated and semi-
automatic production stages. Experts from 3S will be assisting the
local SPEC team on-site and monitoring the project throughout the
planning, ramp-up, production launch and certification stages.

SPEC is no stranger to the solar power industry, having a technology
and innovation centre specialising in solar energy for the development
of major projects.

3S Modultec is a subsidiary of Meyer Burger Technology AG and
manufactures integrated module production lines up to 130MW, offering
a cycle time of as little as 45 seconds per module. 3S Modultec merged
with Meyer Burger Technology AG, Baar last year, forming what it
says was the first global technology group in photovoltaics that
covers all critical technologies in the entire value chain, from
silicon to solar panel.

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